Blame it on the Olibollen

"Do you know what we are having for dessert?", Kevin excitedly prodded us. Then he blurted out. Oliebollen! We all looked at him with a "huh" look on our face. "Doughnuts", he explained!

 Kevin and Tina eat mostly organic and doughnuts seem so out of character. Tina is very creative with her cooking and uses farm fresh ingredients. Her blog Return to the garden is full of exciting cooking techniques and healthy recipes.

Olibollen is a tradition in her family. Every on New Years Eve they are made. Oliebollen is the Dutch version of doughnuts and when translated means "oily balls".  

I eagerly watched as she made the batter, a gluten free variation that also included chopped apples. As a pan of oil was heating up the kitchen began to smell of grease and my stomach began to turn.  I love fried foods, but they do not like me so much! 

Into the grease the batter was spooned and when browned these olibollen were placed on a towel and doused with powdered sugar. 
They were delicious!

I only had one because I was afraid of the deep fried effect. The men in the house ate at least 3 each!

As we played a game together the effects of these olibollen began to be seen. It was difficult for some of the men to concentrate, their minds were feeling the effect of the grease and sugar.  During the game when ever someone made a mistake or could not think clearly we began to say, "It's the oliebollen!"

What I learned
We must be careful about what enters our minds and our bodies. Oliebollen is fine in moderation but eat too much and you may feel differently.

We have so many choices in life

Mary and Martha had a choice.
Peter and the disciples had a choice
The woman at the well had a choice

We must choose wisely 
what we see
what we hear
what we say
what we do

 But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15



  1. Oh, yummy, yummy! What a wonderful idea. The thought of attempting to make doughnuts has always seemed daunting. This seems doable. I also appreciate your thinking about overindulging.

    Happy seeing (and eating) beautiful!

  2. We do have choices in everything and I am in the process of trying to make better choices!!! It's hard when you are in the habit of junkfood...or unhealthy things that we put in our minds!

  3. Thanks for the comments! Be blessed.

  4. yes..and our free will is one of our greatest gifts! I am your new follower..pls follow back if you can!

  5. My Grandmother was from Denmark and she made something very similar - they look amazing! Stopping in to follow from today's hop - hope you have time to visit today :) And if you get the chance check out my book - it's on special right now through Amazon for $0.99 :) Have a great one!

  6. Good thoughts on moderation in our eating. We are trying to do this for health reasons. So far so good!

  7. My grandmother took an enormous amount of time teaching me to make Divinity over the holidays. It was a day I will treasure forever.

    I hope you will stop by Teaching Today at

    Happy Hoppin'

  8. Hurray for oliebollen! My husband and I are both mostly Dutch, but we haven't sought out any traditional food. When I met my best friend about 4 years ago (who is from a very Dutch family), and my father-in-law remarried a lady from the Netherlands (accent and all!), we've suddenly experienced many wonderful Dutch foods, including oliebollen! Thanks for posting, and welcome to the No Ordinary Blog Hop!


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