Say Yes to the Dress!

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is watching Say Yes to the Dress.  As if the original wasn't enough, now there is also the Atlanta series. It feeds the girly side of me. Watching the brides try on all of those dresses is good TV! I especially enjoy the moment when the bride declares, "This is the dress!" 

Friday night, I was home alone and enjoying my dress fix when a bride shared about her fiance. He was just diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease and their wedding date was moved up.  The bride tried on several dresses searching for the perfect, beachy, bohemian creation, all within her bridal budget of $1000.00. I have to admit, I was cheering her on. When it looked like no dress would satisfy her dreams she slipped into the flowey designed bridal gown. Her face lit up with pure joy! I smiled right along with her! The tension built however, when her mother and future mother- in-law did not like the dress. "honestly, why do people rain on others parade? 

Like a fairy Godmother, the store's manager stepped in and completed the look with a coordinating veil. Soon everyone was smiling and tears of joy were falling.

If that wasn't enough, this dress drama became more intense. The dress was double the price of the bride's budget! She stood there in front of her family, her perfect dress now seemed out of reach and her tears changed from joy to horror!
At that moment, the manager revealed something truly amazing, "This dress is my gift to you!"
As the bride wept, so did I! What an amazing gift.

We too have been given an amazing gift of love and forgiveness.
It has been given to us by a Gracious and giving God. Romans 5:8
It it out of reach for us on our own. Ephesians 2:8-9
It is truly an indescribable gift.

Father, thank you!



  1. Wow! You have no idea how timely this post is. I was watching this show last night and posted on Facebook about how upset it made me when friends and family allow envy to tear down the bride-to-be and hurt them! So sad.

    Luckily, for every bride with a difficult-to-please crowd there's about 50 who are completely loving and supportive. I happen to be one of those 50 and am so blessed <3

  2. This left me seeing beautiful! This is actually what see beautiful is all about! How can we make the world a little better by being in it? It doesn't always have to be about giving on the financial side, but it's all in how we're living to empower others. LOVE this post!

    Happy seeing beautiful!


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