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I started a new workout routine by joining a step class. Eager to begin what I fondly remember as a good cardio workout, I arrived early, grabbed a step and risers and then promptly set it up.  A friend was joining me and I was excited! 

15 years ago I was a step fanatic and was sure that this was going to be another terrific class. It is amazing however, how much we forget when we remember the past!

The class began with the perky little instructor shouting, "Cmon on!" The beginning steps were easy, up right, up left, grapevine. I remembered those just fine, unfortunately everything after that was a work in process! Each time the instructor directed us to another step move I was carefully watching and then trying to mimic her. Either my age or co-ordination was working against me because my steps were 2 to 3 steps behind her direction. 

"C'mon, don't give up- jump shot, repeat quads, v step, circle, half circle turn etc. etc. etc! "  Trying my best I did what I could. I felt rather stupid as others in class seemed to anticipate her every direction.  I have so much to learn! 

The instructor went over the routine several times. She must have seen my uncoordinated steps, or the frantic look on my red face, or the fact that I was sweating from every part of my body! 
At one point I just stood there doing the simple right and left step up, hoping that I could jump in again and resume the routine. 
I have returned and completed my 2nd class and I have to say it was somewhat easier. For part of the class, I was actually in step with the class! Feeling confident that I was learning the steps I felt better! Of course the instructor threw in some new moves, so I was lost again! 

I am determined to learn these moves, anticipate the instructors moves and ultimately not fall off my step!

Learning anything new takes time and practice! 

This class reminded me of my relationship with Jesus! 
  • He is the instructor. Psalm 32:8
  • I must listen for his voice, leading and guiding me. John 10:27
  • He is always going to go before me and show me the way! Isaiah 52:12
  • I must watch Him to follow His every move. Ezekiel 20:19
  • It will take practice to understand the steps that I must take. 2 Peter 3:18
  • Sometimes I will feel foolish! I Corinthians 1:27


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  1. Good for you getting back into stepping!!! More importantly, I am impressed you didn't give up and you went again! You are an amazing woman! And you may not have the coordination of a 25 year old (though I don't either) definitely seem to have the energy! Blessings!!!!


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