Who are you Lord?

While praying one day a Woman asked, "Who are you, Lord?"
He answered, "I am".
"But who is I Am?", she said.

And He replied-

"I am Love, I am Peace,
I am Grace, I am Joy.
I am the Way, Truth, and the Light.
I am the Comforter,
I am Strength, I am Safety,
I am Shelter, I am Power, I am the Creator,
I am the Beginning and the End,
I am the Most High"

The woman with tears in her eyes looked
toward Heaven and said,
"Now I understand. 
But Lord, who am I?"

Then God tenderly wiped the tears
from her eyes and whispered,
"You are Mine!"

author unknown

Live in this knowledge today!



  1. Beautiful post! New follower from the hop! Hope you're having a great weekend! :)


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