Nail Polish

I was looking through some of my older posts and this one just makes me laugh.

The nail polish fiasco!

“I look good!” I thought, as I checked myself out in the long mirror in the hallway. I even had time to do my toenails this morning since it is finally warm enough to wear a skirt and open toe sandals on a Sunday morning. The morning started off great and I was looking forward to co-hosting a new service with my husband. “All the more reason to look the part today”, I was thinking as we went to church.

There is just something about feeling good in an outfit that gives me a little bit of a sassy attitude. I feel more in control! That is until………I was following my husband and he stopped and then suddenly backed up right onto my two newly painted big toes! The polish wasn’t completely dry and all of my hopes and dreams of looking the part of one well put together woman was well (out the window)!! The polish literally backed up like it had skid marks on it. To make it worse the color was a deep magenta and now it simply looked like a bloody mess! I have to admit that I panicked, and almost started to cry!

What just happened? I declared with a scowl, “I’m going home to repaint them before the service!”
My husband looked at me like I was insane! Maybe I was for just a moment! Then I had a brilliant idea to find something that would take off the polish. Naked toes were better than what I currently had. Finding nail polish remover in a church office is not an easy task, I searched everywhere but all I could find was white board cleaner. For whatever reason, it worked enough to clean up my toes. This wasn’t exactly the look I was going for but, it is what I ended up with! My husband asked me later why this was such a big deal, “No one was looking at your toes!” To that I whimpered, “But. I would’ve known!”

But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked, "Lord, don't you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!"Luke 10:39-41

Oh, what a Martha I am! I want everyone to think of me as the one who is chosen what is better, but I am constantly fighting with this side of myself! God speaks to me in the midst of my pridefulness and my desire to be in-control.

Forever nail polish will remind me that He is the one that I should be trying to please. That He is the one who knows all of my thoughts and supplies all of my needs. He can use me whenever and however He likes. All He requires is a willing and obedient heart.

Father, thank you for speaking in the midst of my craziness and pride. I am humbled by your deep love and grace that you so freely give. I love how you use nail polish to teach me that you are all I need.


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