Buried Treasure

Have you heard the story about the brain surgeon who had a not so brilliant idea?

Wanting to give his fiance a memorable proposal he buried the engagement ring in the sand on the shoreline of Pelican Bay, Fla. Imagine the excitement that he had taking his beloved to the sight that he had so masterfully planned. His heart racing and his bride to be hoping that this is the moment!

They begin to dig, and dig and 10 minutes later they are still digging. Yes, he forgot where he had hid this precious buried treasure! After calling someone with a metal detector the ring was found, proposal given and accepted!

This reminded me that we have been given many gifts that we are called to use and develop. The bible tells the story of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30 where people have been given money and they have been entrusted with it. Two of the people doubled the money, but the third simply buried it in the ground keeping it safe and exactly as it had been given to him.

The master was not happy with the person who did nothing but hide. He had an expectation that what he had given would be multiplied.

God also has an expectation that what He has given us will be multiplied. Scripture is clear that we all have been given gifts. I Corinthians 12:1-12 The question is whether or not we will try them out and develop them!  If you are unsure about your gifts there are many spiritual gift test that you can take.  Test

I urge you to not bury your gifts, but to celebrate them and multiply them. 


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