Are you a button pusher?

Pushing buttons is an interesting phrase. It evokes thoughts of those round objects that are on clothing or the infamous red button that you aren't suppose to touch, except in an emergency! In other situations it is a personal button that someone has pushed. Things would be so much less complicated if we knew what those buttons were!

This week my aunt was in town and never was the button more obvious to me then when my mom and her sister were together. One day my aunt asked my mom something and my mom became a different person. It didn't matter what was being asked of her by her sister, the answer was NO! So being the button pusher that I am, I childishly told my aunt to "watch this" and I asked my mom the very same question. Immediately my mom said yes!

There is something about siblings that can push our buttons. Perhaps its because the have so much first hand knowledge of what bugs us, or have fresh memories of us torturing them with our teasing and childhood games.

I think about our two daughters and think, "Yeah, they can definitely push each others buttons".
 Memories of them in the back seat poking each other, laughing, shouting, laughing, screaming, crying, staring, sticking out their tongues, crossing their eyes, all the while saying, "Mom she touched me!" These and so many more fill my mind when I think of pushing buttons.

I am glad that God included the button pushers in the bible. Jacob and Esau, Joseph and his brothers, Sarah and Hagar and so many others. It reminds me that it can be difficult to live together peacefully.

To all of us who have buttons and those want to push them, this verse is for us!

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Romans 12:18

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  1. Considering all the trouble those bible characters got into, it reminds me to be aware of when I am being extra sensitive, and to take note how my close friends and family respond to me.


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