Colombia Mission Trip

You are invited to join us on a missions journey, June 23-30, 2012. Our team will be working alongside of I.N. Network at the La Rosa de Saron (the Rose of Sharon) school in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Approximately 450 local students attend this school. They receive an excellent education with medical attention, nutritious meals, footwear and clothing. 

Many students live in modest homes with dirt floors, no electricity or water. In their community the unemployment looms around 80% with the majority of homes being maintained by single mothers. This is who we will be sharing with, loving on and being Christ to! We are so excited to see what God does in, through and in spite of us!

A daily update and Prayer guide can be found at Corinth Missions
We are counting on your prayers throughout this trip, so please pray us up! :)


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