Rollerskating is just like riding a bike, right? You just get out there and do it. These were the thoughts that I had as I was helping elementary students tie their incredibly long skate laces. All around me were excited, and some nervous faces anticipating this last day of school spent at the roller rink. "Mrs. Cobb can you help me untie this knot?", they all seemed to make these requests at the same time! 

Once the children were all laced up, it was my turn to get my skates on. First, this required that I would stand up on my skates, (It's a long way from the floor for this lady!) In front of me was first carpet, I was amazing on this safe surface, yet looming behind it was the polished rink! This could get ugly?

"Fake it till you make it", I muttered and off I went. Literally 10 seconds in and a first grader falls in front of me which snowballed into one embarrassed teacher laying on her back! Of course I jumped up and continued skating, praying that the other teachers did not see me fall.

After re-acquainting myself to gliding across the roller rink, I got my groove back. It felt good to have the skating rhythm again. 
For the next 2 hours I skated with and around falling and almost falling students. Holding many little hands and being desperately held onto was a big highlight to this day. Here are a few of my favorite skaters.

No way Nicole- Skates are on, they are in the rink, barely holding onto the railing, adamant that they will not skate!

I'm shuffling Sally- With their feet doing the quick shuffle this skater goes really slow. One time around the rink and they are tired.

Off balance Olly- Like a comedy show, this skater flails their arms and legs desperately trying to stay upright. Often they run into the side of the rink and hold on for dear life.

Watch me now Wally- Speed racer has nothing on this skater. With the greatest of ease they glide around the rink swishing in and out!

Each of these skaters had to start somewhere. None of them were Wally's right away, it took practice, lots of falls and determination.
Spiritually, we too have to start at the beginning, learn along the way, take some spills, get back up and eventually find our spiritual rhythm.

I will praise you with an upright heart as I learn your righteous laws. Psalm 119:7

Learning His ways takes time, but it is so worth it!.  Matthew 11:29-30


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