Eternal Embrace

Eternal Embrace 
I stumbled across this picture.  What do you think of when you see it?
  • Husband and wife
  • Mother and child
  • Sisters
In 2007, archaeologists unearthed theses two skeletons about 25 miles south of Verona in the city of Mantua, Italy. (FYI the city where the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet lived was Verona). 
The only thing that they know about these skeletons is that they were young, since all of their teeth were found to be intact.
We all need reassurance that when we die we will not be alone. 
When I see this picture I think about Jesus.  He has promised that he will Never leave us or forsake us! He has shown us the way to be with Him forever! Talk about an eternal embrace! John 10:28

Father, thank you for holding us close, calling us by name, giving us a hope and a future. 


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