Kudzo Plant

Travelling through Kentucky and Tennessee I saw this beautiful lush green plant. Majestically growing up the side of trees, houses and barns. It was everywhere. While in Tennessee we were in the midst of the Smoky mountains, and there again we saw this beautiful vine. 

We were with some friends and had decided to go zip-lining. After we were all decked out in our stylish zip-lining gear we headed outside. To the left of us in the field were three goats. The goats were there to eat the Kudzu. It was in that moment that I learned about the dangers of this lush green plant. 

Kudzu is a climbing, semi-woody, perennial. This plant was originally imported from Asia in the early 1900s. It was planted with the good intentions of erosion control and food for livestock. Some even used it for ornamental purposes.

Some interesting facts

  • Kudzu grows well in most conditions and soil types except for saturated soils.
  • It prefers sunny, abandoned fields, roadsides and undisturbed areas. 
  • This beautiful green leafy plant has fragrant purple flowers that form on the vines.
  • After it has grown and matured the kudzu plants will grow quickly, a single root can produce 30 vines. Kudzu rampantly spreads to form dense mats over the ground, shrubs, mature trees and buildings, reaching more than 60 feet high.  
  • It can grow a foot a day!
  •  Unfortunately, killing this plant is difficult and may take up to 10 years.
What I thought originally was a beautiful plant is actually a deadly killer! Kudzu kills plants by smothering them under their dense leaves. By not allowing light to penetrate through it's leaves, it slowly destroys it's victims. 

What I learned

It is easy to think that something is harmless. Most things are fine until that very thing takes over your life. Sin is like that. But like the Kudzu, once it takes root it will spread. 
As it spreads it will begin to kill the good things that God has planned for you, leaving nothing but regrets and vines in its wake. 
Do you have something in your life that has begun to take over? 
What has gotten in the way of your relationship with God?
Where have you abandoned your commitment to grow?
Are you feeling smothered by a decision that you have made?
What is blocking out the light of Christ in your thoughts?

There is only one gardener who can remove this from your life.
I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. John 15:1

Like the Kudzu, sin cannot grow when our lives are saturated with with Jesus. He is the only protection and cure for this! John 15:5-6


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  1. John 15:1 is so good for this comparison. Blessings!


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