Brown Spotted Bananas

In our home, when there are no bananas, my husband says, "There is NO FOOD!" He loves bananas! According to some new research, he may be on to something! I have often complained that the bananas ripen much to quickly and brown spots cover their peels.  These overly ripe bananas have not been my favorite until I learned this!

As a banana ripens it produces a substance called TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor). This amazing substance fights off abnormal cells. In the process of ripening dark spots develop on the skin. As more dark patches develops, the higher levels of  immunity fighting substance is also produced.

My Husband loves bananas for a good reason.

The Japanese scientific research has also shown that TNF has anti-cancer properties. When the fruit is ripest, the anti-cancer fighting agent is at it's peak! So, the riper the banana, the better the anti-cancer quality! Amazing! The y
ellow skin bananas with dark spots are 8 times more effective at increasing white blood cells.

What I learned,
We too have age spots! A little kindergartner pointed to my hands one day and asked what those brown spots were on my hands!  As our skin ages, we have marks of maturity, seasoning I like to call it! With age we too have an extra added benefit of a fighter within us!  The more experiences we have, the more our knowledge base grows! The more we trust in the Lord in the midst of difficult times, the more our spots grow! Wouldn't it be fantastic if every time we struggled through a spot appeared? Think about how these spots would become a badge of honor!

Today, as you look upon your hands, spots and all, or upon those age lines developing, remember that within you is the greatest fighter of all time, the Holy Spirit!  He is and always will be the best immune fighter, for He alone can comfort, lead, and fill you. God has a plan to use your experiences to develop in you a character that is reflecting who He is and that includes your spots!

Hebrews 12:1-13


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