The Freezer

Today I decided to defrost the upright freezer that we have in the garage. It has been awhile since this was done. According to the experts,
"Defrosting a freezer refers to the process of removing the ice that builds up while a freezer is in use. Since the air and food that goes into freezers contains water vapor, this vapor is often trapped in the freezer, where it adheres to the walls or shelves and freezes. Over time, this buildup can inhibit the functions of the freezer and cause both practical and mechanical problems. Defrosting is done by melting and removing these ice deposits with various methods, depending on how much time you have and the type of freezer". 
This is how my defrosting experience went.
  • Step 1- Remove the frozen food and place into ice chests. (hands are cold since it is only 15 degrees outside! Put on gloves.)
  • Step 2-Throw away the food that has freezer burn or is older than 6 months. (There are some crazy looking things in here!)
  • Step 3- Fill up bucket with hot water and splash into freezer. (Burrrrrr, now I am cold!  I wish the water hadn't splashed me as well!)
  • Step 4- Grab towels and a water tray to catch the defrosting ice and water. ( I should have thought of this earlier.)
  • Step 5- Use spatula to remove ice. (This stuff is hard! How long has it been here?)
  • Step 6- Repeat steps 3 and 5. (Not fun but necessary.)
  • Step 7- Walk away from the freezer for awhile. (Anger, Ice and cold not a good mix!)
  • Step 8- Return to finish the process. ( A little perspective and softer ice makes the job easier.)
  • Step 9- Place the food into the freezer and enjoy the organization. (I am proud of myself!)
This started my thinking about how often we stuff things deep down inside of us. How may things am I not looking at? How many things have freezer burn or have been hidden for a long time and need to be thrown out?

Is there;
Hurt that need Healing
Judgements that need Correction
Lies that need Truth Telling
Anger that needs Joyfulness
Despair that needs Hope

The good news for us is that in Christ we all have a new beginning.  We can become a new Creation. He can wipe away the old and create new.  He alone is able to Defrost us and reorganize and clean us up.

Father, Thank you for this reminder of what you want to do in us. I give you permission to clean me up. Chip away the ice and oldness that have been around too long.
 Refresh me Lord. Refresh me. 


Reposted from my previous blog in 2010


  1. Yes, He alone has the necessary tools to clean us up. Thank you so much for this reminder.

  2. Beautiful post. Very creative!!


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