There is No Merry without Jesus

Recently the American Atheists posted a billboard in Times Square.
Their claim, stated below is that most Christians feel compelled to call themselves Christians in order to celebrate Christmas.
"We know that a large population of Christians are actually atheists who feel trapped in their family's religion," David Silverman, President of American Atheists, said of the billboard. "If you know God is a myth, you do not have to lie and call yourself Christian in order to have a festive holiday season. You can be merry without the myth, and indeed, you should.”
It seems as though this organization is desperately trying to get their message out.  My question is, why do they care? What is the end result that they are hoping for? If they don't believe- why are they so concerned about those of us who do?

In response to this I thought about listing all of the historical evidence supporting that there was a man named Jesus in History. I also looked up the prophecies and the calculations of one man fulfilling just 8 of them, that is an astounding number! 

I settled on simply declaring that Yes I believe in Jesus!

I believe that He was born in a manger with Mary and Joseph by his side.
I believe that he came with the sole purpose to reconcile this world with God.
I believe that He is the only way to be in relationship with God the Father.
I believe that He is the way the truth and the Life!
I believe that He was crucified on a cross and died.
I believe that three days later He was resurrected.
I believe that He forgives us of our sins.
I believe that he has prepared a way for us.
I believe that He will come again.
I believe that we will be with Him in heaven forever.

Yes I believe!


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