Today I will choose Joy

Silent Night Holy Night, All is calm all is bright... The worship center is filled with young, excited dancers from Integrity Dance who were eager to perform the Christmas story. Two groups, although very different from each other, stole my heart.

The first group comprised of 3-4 year old dancers.  All wearing a pink leotards, tutus, and striped long socks. Calmly the director assisted them on stage, re-positioning them onto their assigned spots. In the distance one of their own had succumb to the pressure and melted onto the stairs crying. As the music began, "Silent Night, Holy Night" the older leader of this dance crew gestured with her finger to her mouth intimating (silent night) then slowly gracefully waving her arms. Some of these dancing wee ones followed her graceful moves.  
Yet in the midst of this solemn, sweetly choreographed number were those who had to express their joy in other ways. 
One decided that jumping up and down was best, and another flitted across the stage in her own dance routine smiling and dancing with utter joy. It really didn't matter what occurred on the stage, these little ones were having a blast and demonstrated pure joy!

Later in the performance a group of older girls joined the dancers. These performers meant business and had obviously spent many hours practicing their big number. Every movement was intentional as evidenced by the smiles on their faces. The performance brought these dancers great joy!  This teenage group of special needs brought an extra special grin on my face and put some joy into my heart!

As the ending number danced to Glory to God in the Highest, I was reminded that in all I do if I focus on Him and His kingdom, I too will have joy! Thank you dancers for reminding me that

Joy is a choice, 
Joy can be found in the simple movements of life
Joy is contagious
Joy comes from Jesus

Lord, remind us of your joy, the kind that never disappoints, but always overflows, spills over, multiplies and is so very contagious! We ask that you would fill us with this kind of joy, that we may know you more.

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