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December is here.  My heart has turned from Thanksgiving to prepare for the birthday celebration of Jesus. Presents to buy, decorations to put up and parties to attend! 

What about Jesus? What shall I bring to Him, offer Him, show Him? It is His celebration after all. I must admit that often He isn't the focus of this season for me. Sure I sing silent night and get teary eyed, but the rest of the days I hurry along to fulfill my duties as chief celebrator of the holiday. Often my mind is focused on how I will spend time with People, give an excellent Present, have a great Party, and decorate and make superb Preparations. Jesus seems to get lost in all of the celebrating. My focus unfortunately is not on Him. 

This year I want December to be different, focused on the reason for Christmas, Jesus.

To help create a focus on the true reason for Christmas I am going to dedicate December's posts to the names of Jesus.  I hope you will join me!

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