Prepare my hands to be lifted high

2Day 29
The moment a worship song begins, my heart is lifted, my mind is lifted, my soul is lifted, my eyes begin to look heavenward and my hands are lifted high.
It seems to be a natural response for my body to want to try to get close to you Lord as if my fingertips are touching Heaven. I just want to get close to you. 

In Luke 10:38-42, When Mary and Martha were with Jesus. Martha is serving, and serving, and serving and her sister Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus. When Martha begins to complain, Jesus says, "Mary has gotten it right, there was only one thing that is needed". He was talking about Focused worship!

Prepare my hands to worship you Lord!

The one thing that is needed is for us to willingly submit to Jesus and then worship his holy name. If that requires us to raise our hands, so be it! There are lots of forms of worship but for me, something happens when I lift my hands. I don't care what people think, I don't care who sees me because all I want to do is reach out to Jesus and say "I love you, I worship you, I praise you and I declare you as Savior and Lord."
Now raising your hands is not a condition to being a Christian and it is not a condition for salvation. But the Lord has prepared me to raise my hands and worship Him and so I must.
I Timothy 2:8, “I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing.”

Sometimes even during the day if I'm driving in my car and a worship song comes on I don't even know how to respond unless I lift one of my hands with the other one firmly on the steering wheel. It's a natural response for me.

What's your natural response to worship? I love to hear about it.

Prepare my hands to be lifted high!



  1. Jann,
    I'm with you. My hands go up, even in the car. Sometimes I roll down the window. Joining you from #SpiritualWhitespace, and praying your soul finds rest in Jesus today.

    PS. I go to Hillside and was there when you and your family served there. Jeni did a long-term subbing assignment for me in 2008 and I loved getting to know her then. ((Hugs)) to you and your wonderful family.

    1. Debbie, Of course I remember you! Thanks for all of wonderful teaching that you did and the example that you set for Jeni. She is loving her career as an educator at Summit Middle school. Thanks for the encouragement!


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