Prepare my hands to receive your blessings


Day 28

Someone shared with me that when we pray we should stretch out our hands. First with our palms down, symbolizing that we have a light grip on the things of our life. When your hands are palms down we're offering things back to the Lord and giving him everything.
Try it! It is amazing how it changes your focus. Instead of give me, give me. It's Lord, here is what I have, I offer it to you.  Then in an attitude of humility, 
"I'm ready to receive whatever you have for me."
 The Lord has a lot but he wants to give us.
Ask and you shall receive seek and you will find knock and the door will be open to you.
There are so many blessings that He wants to give to us if we would only sit in a seat of submission and humility waiting to receive.
Prepare my hands to receive what you have for me
Blessings come in many ways
happy blessings 
monetary blessings
friendship blessings 
emotional blessings 
comforting blessings 
joyful blessings 
There are also blessings that come in the midst of suffering. Those painful moments in our lives that we would love to wish away, God wants to bless us in the midst of them. He desires that we would know him more and to understand the pains of others. He is the God of all comfort who want to comfort us so that we might be a comfort to others. 
In time of suffering we are challenged to hold onto him like never before.
Right now my mom's dementia is manageable but it's hard and there are days I would wish it away. In fact just this morning I was praying Lord heal her mind, replace what's been taken, give me back my old mom and yet I've learned so much about how to care, how to be patient, how to let things go, how to live in the moment and how to find joy in suffering.
There have been blessings even though there has been pain
Take a moment to stretch out your hands palm down and give to the Lord those things in your life that are difficult. Try and give it all to him.
Now turn over those palms face up and declare, "Lord I am ready to receive whatever you have for me."
Prepare our hands to receive from you amen



  1. Beautifully written. I realize that some blessings from God would never be given to us without the suffering that we experience where we eventually come to full appreciation of the little things in our lives. Thanks for your encouraging words today.

    1. These are difficult in the midst but I love seeing His hand afterwards!


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