It has been a long night

I awoke to my husband leaning over the bed, staring at me. He was in pain, no words were necessary, his forlorn face told it all. That and the fact that he was holding onto his stomach. “What’s wrong?”, I managed to mumble.
Immediately I went onto the WebMd to look up his symptoms and try and discover what might be wrong. At first it was a horrible diagnosis, but then I found my way to Gall stones. Everything fit his description of the pain. For the next 7 hours, I listened to him toss and turn, get out of bed and back in, painful sounds of discomfort that I could do nothing about.
We could have went to the ER but I thought that we could just see our doctor in the morning. Easy for me to say, I wasn’t the one in pain. In the morning I called the doctor only to find out that the soonest we could be seen was 4 in the afternoon. There was no way that my husband could have lasted that long. We decided to go to emergency.
It’s so funny how your mind plays tricks on you. Immediately I began to think of terrible things that could be wrong with him. Each time, a thought came into my head I stopped and Praised Jesus for reminding me of himself.  That He was bigger, stronger than any disease, and diagnosis. I was at peace.
You will keep in perfect peace those
My husband was so much better too after they put him on a morphine drip! It’s amazing how calm he looked in morphine land!
After an ultrasound and a ct scan it was determined that he has gall stones. We praised God for this simple diagnosis.
Here is my take away from this long night.
God is good! He was good before, He was good in the midst and He is good after.


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