One of those days

Yes it is true, children say the funniest things!

I am a teacher and that means that in any given day a young student may say something that is politically incorrect for adults but hysterical to hear.

Yesterday with a room full of students one student asked to use the restroom. I gave permission and was working with students when I noticed that the bathroom door was open. Where did he go I wondered. It would not be unusual for this student to leave the room and use the bathroom in the hallway. I asked the class if they knew where he had gone.  Just then a voice rings out from the bathroom, I in here, I go poop!”
I quickly walked over to the door to shut it giggling the whole time!
Today, a little girl in kindergarten asked me what was wrong with my face! “It’s a mole”, I told her. She replied, “did you get it from scratching yourself too hard?”
These are so funny! I love that they say what they think, ask questions when they do not understand and then just move on.  We can learn a lot from these little ones!
Maybe this is why Jesus says for the little children to come to Him! 
Father, help us to have childlike eyes to see, simple hearts to receive and questioning minds that ask questions. Help us to just move on after things are over.


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