An Open Door

After a wonderful day at church worshiping together and really experiencing a fullness of the Spirit It was time to head home. I was a little tired when I came home. Walking in the house our dog spunky looked at me, “let me out” and so I went over and opened the door to our deck. Once again Spunky looked at me she really did not want to go where it was cold.
As I walked away leaving spunky sitting there looking at me, I realized that the the door was still open. It had never closed. “That’s weird”, I thought to myself. Walking  over to shut the door, I heard a wooshing sound. I began walking towards the sound. The door to the garage which I thought was shut was also wide open in the same way that the door to the deck was open. The odd thing was that it appeared to be held open, as if something was holding it open. As I went to shut the door I sensed a teachable moment.
Teachable moments are those times that God meets us in our every day life to remind us of His promises, instruct us in the way we should go or reveal to us something new.
I am he who opens the door what I open no man can shut. Revelation 3:8
It was a moment that I heard Jesus, “There are open doors coming, walk through them”.
Some would say, “coincidence”. I would say God uses the ordinary to instruct my heart and my mind. He reminds me that He is at work and I only need to watch him and join him.
I don’t know what those open doors are but my eyes are looking, my heart is ready and  I pray that my I would follow along as God uses teachable moments to lead and guide me.
What open doors is God giving you today?
  • I new friendship
  • an opportunity to serve
  • holding your tongue
  • Using your gifts
  • Forgiveness
  • New position or job
  • Undeserved grace
  • New ministry
  • Healing
  • New adventure
Maybe he’s giving you the open door to walk away from sin or to embrace your calling , to step out in faith, or an open door to share your faith with someone else.
I am reminded of The walls of Jericho coming tumbling down. God can open any door no matter how tough they appear. He is able to make a way when there seems to be no way!
Look and see and be utterly amazed, I will do things in your days that you would not believe even if you were told! 
I’m ready to walk through the doors that you open Lord!

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