I might be Grumbling!

I live in Michigan it should not be any surprise that it’s February and it’s snowing again! But this California girl is having a hard time with temperatures constantly below 30°.  Where is the warmth? Where is that walk outside feeling of warmth. When I look down at my arms they pasty white! Outside everything is white, the driveway, the yard, and the roads.  It’s as if I live in the land of Pleasantville. The movie where everything starts out in black and white. During November when we get a first dusting of snow, I’m kind of giddy with excitement because it’s new and fun.
As we get used to the snow something changes. Perhaps it loses its attraction and it’s novelty. I can feel myself begin to grumble, “stupid snow”.  Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher and when it gets too cold the kids do not go outside for recess. They have no way to burn off that excess energy. Fights increase at school, students are more angry, and frustrated. This also leads to frustrated teachers! We really need the snow to stop and the Sun to come back. I would also love for the daffodils to start to blooming, the grass to turn green, the trees begin budding and the birds singing! Oh spring where are you?
I know, I know I’m grumbling. Let’s just say I’m having a hard time.
As I write this it’s 8 degrees and snowing again, did I mention that? I hear a still small voice, “you sound like the Israelites”.  Ouch!
God freed the Israelites took them out of slavery and as they marched towards the promised land God gave them food in the form of manna. (Exodus 16) The Bible tells us in Numbers 11 that God supplied the manna for them but that after a year they began to grumble and complain again! Instead of looking at His provision they began to grumble.
Grumbling happens when we take our eyes off the Provider and put them on the provision! Our fragile spirits begin to grumble.
Be careful when these thoughts invade your spirit
It’s not what I want
It’s not good enough
I wish I had
Why doesn’t he?
This grumbler wants to say, “I’m sorry God”.  I am reminded that if I want to change, I need to look to the Provider.
You are
The great I am
The author and perfecter of our faith
The creator of the universe and we get to be in relationship with you
Healer, Jehovah, the God who sees me, you go before me, you are my rear guard, you always protect, you always hear, you are righteous and just, you are holy, there is none like you, we worship you, we praise you.
Who are we that you should think about us? We are but dust. You sent your one and only son to not only save us from our sins but to reconcile us so that we might have a relationship with you. You are slow to anger, gracious and kind.

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