Thank you note to Ramona

It has been a while since there has been a blog. Recently I had the privilege to be alongside of my husband and his family as we said goodbye to my mother in law. It has felt in congruent for me to write as I was grieving, almost frivolous. Every event in our lives leaves an impression and this one has left an eternal one in my heart. 

Thank you Ramona

You taught me so much about how to show love to others.  Thank you for giving me a great recipe for it! 

Ramona's Love Recipe

  • Welcome people with a big hug.
  • Tell people that you are so happy that they are visiting.
  • Be concerned about them and their comfort. 
  • Offer the best of what you have when a friend is with you.
  • Invite people into your home no matter what it looks like.
  • Encourage guests to fall asleep on your couch.
  • Remember others birthday with a song.
  • Be willing to sacrifice for others in need.
  • Share your joy with a song or a dance, no matter where you are at! 
  • Keep memories alive by sharing stories about people you love.
  • Say goodbye as if it were the last time you would see someone.
  • Always say "I Love you".

I am forever grateful for these lessons of love that you modeled for me. Thank you for including me in your family, welcoming me into your heart and giving me a beautiful life with your son,



  1. I really did miss your posts for a while.

    May the Lord strengthen, guide and refresh your soul. May He give you beauty for ashes and oil of joy for mourning. The joy of the Lord would always be your strength as you remain in Him.

    Keep on blogging!! Don't stop!!!


Thank you for visiting, Praying that you are blessed today. Jann

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