Jesus Friend of SInners

This might be a surprising title for Jesus. but when you examine his life you see the patterns that were so consistent in this every day living. whenever Jesus found himself in a group of people it was like he gravitated towards those who needed him most.
When he called his disciples it was interesting to notice that he called fisherman, tax collectors and others who weren’t exactly perfect men!
Think about people he spent time with;
People who are sick, blind, lame, even demon possessed
Tax collectors
When ever it seemed like Jesus had time to himself he was in the midst of sinners.
Jesus friend of sinners means he wants to spend time with us.
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
Personally I am so glad that he is a friend of sinners! If he hadn’t we would have no chance of ever spending time with him.
Today as we prepare for Christmas may you be overwhelmed with the thought that Jesus is your friend may you bask in the knowledge that he loves you may you experience his closeness as you prepare to worship him.
While you were yet sinners Christ died for you.
I am a friend of God! Thank you Jesus for making this possible and for loving us in the midst of arson thank you that you came so long ago to save us to redeem us to restore us to make away we love you amen.


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